ATPP Draft Proposal

Across The Pond Veterans Park

MISSION: “To honor all members of the military, past and present, providing opportunities, resources and a location for education, socialization and rehabilitation, with the purpose to guide and prepare for the future.”

Committee Members:
Ray Kangas, Larry Frostman, Jane Snilsberg, Eileen Bentzen, Kevin Johnson, John Hoelter, Roger Johnson

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Across The Pond Veterans Park is a proposed project of 10 acres brought forth by the above working group. This group was initially conceived several years ago and most recently united with additional members of engineering, construction, planning and finance backgrounds to move the project forward. This group met with the Bayfield County Executive Committee on April 13, 2017 and introduced the project along with materials of a site map included in the introduction brochure, listing of proposed milestones for the park, cost estimate planning for the Park and a Project Action Plan written with the Iron River Economic Development. Permission was given to the work-group to complete soil sampling which was done on May 1, 2017.

The Project-group obtained approval from the Bayfield County Forestry & Parks Dept. to further the transaction to acquire the land use and support of the working plan. The Project-group sought to have Bayfield County transfer ownership to the Over The Pond Veterans Park non-profit organization. A reversionary clause is also an acceptable agreement to discuss. Phase 1 of the Project will be a public facility for the Veterans Memorial, picnic area and walking path way. Phase 2, the long-term area will include expansion of the walking path, picnic area and seasonal camping for motor homes, trailers, and/or tents.

Phase Description of Construction Activity:

The Phase 1 site, along with a walking path around the 10 acres, will be cleared of debris, shrubs and trees to accommodate a driveway, parking, memorial site, picnic area and maintenance building. The sloped area east to the water will not be disturbed. Tree stumps and wood debris will be removed and top soil material will be stock piled and used for final landscaping. Earth moving and rough grading of the

Phase 1 site will be on a cut and fill basis to accommodate drainage to the northwest, meeting the present topography. An access road and parking area for Phase 1 will be asphalt pavement with solid surface walks for the memorial site. Areas will be handicapped accessible for public access. A maintenance building will be sized for the electrical panels, water well system and small equipment storage for Phase 1. A six-inch water well and equipment will be installed during this phase for domestic water needs and hydrants. Landscaping and site lighting for safety will be a key planning effort.

Phase 2 will begin as funds are available. Gravel roads and camping pads with season UG electrical power will be constructed. A waste dump and a holding tank facility for mobile home waste will have a concrete pad and UG electric and water connections. The tent camping area will be gravel pads, walkways and landscaped for privacy for campers. The picnic area will include BBQ cooking stands and picnic tables. A septic system for the site is possible for the future as may be needed.

Maintenance and upkeep of the Park are also viewed in Phase 1 and Phase 2 development as needs for care are significantly different. Phase 1 maintenance will be performed by the community from organizations under the direction of the Project. This means that local volunteers, i.e service groups, professional grounds-keepers, local Veterans groups and supportive community members would be responsible for debris and materials pick-up and grounds care when the project is in the development stages. Phase 2 would include budgeting and providing a resident caretaker with maintenance and oversite responsibilities. Special needs, like “Spring-clean-up” would continue to be a community focused effort with emphasis on publicity and awareness of the Park.

Financial Status and Development

Across The Pond Veterans Park work-group has developed a projected budget to description and Phase 1 of the work. Several developments make these targeted figures for outright purchase of the work; several actions will continue to off-set expenses as the development of the Project continues.

The project-group has found that several costly construction services are thought to be able to be accomplished thru the generous work of local contractors and builders offering services. In addition, a small bank account currently exists thru early unsolicited donations. Cash donation will increase by active fund-raising events already scheduled. To this end, a financial work-group will be sought to work solely on the funding and fund-raising aspect of financing the project. General grant applications, as well as specific Veterans-focused grants will be sought by personal experienced in that work. General business solicitation has also begun. We believe area/regional support is strong.