About Across The Pond Veterans Park

Ten Beautiful Acres for People to Enjoy and Honor Our Veterans

Picture the BEAUTY! Imagine the stars overhead or the sun beating across the water! Listen for the sound of the loon or fish jumping along the shoreline. Smell the pine trees and the flowers on the forest floor.

Now….jump your mind ahead two years and watch the campers, the RVs, the tenters, the picnickers, the families, the groups, the fun and the activities all part of Across The Pond Veterans Park (ATP)!!

Yes, the focus of ATP is our American Veterans; all service branches, all ages, all interests and all backgrounds. All people are welcome to come support, enjoy and build friendships with the Veterans who have priority use of the Park and its facilities.

Across the Pond Veterans Park will be constructed on 23+ acres just west of Iron River on the corner of US Hwy 2 and Red Wine Road. This land has been surveyed and deeded to Across The Pond Park, Inc. by Bayfield County. Initial soil test and clearing of trails has affirmed that the soil consistency, the grade of the land and the beauty of the surroundings is a pristine choice for the Veterans Park.

Across The Pond Veterans Park is a proposed project of 23+ acres brought forth by the above working group. This group was initially conceived several years ago and most recently united with additional members of engineering, construction, planning and finance backgrounds to move the project forward. This group met with the Bayfield County Executive Committee on April 13, 2017 and introduced the project along with materials of a site map included in the introduction brochure, listing of proposed milestones for the park, cost estimate planning for the Park and a Project Action Plan written with the Iron River Economic Development. Permission was given to the work-group to complete soil sampling which was done on May 1, 2017.

Want more details? See the Across The Pond Park draft proposal

Join Us. Make this Park Happen.

Across The Pond Veterans Park work-group has developed a projected budget to description and Phase 1 of the work. Several developments make these targeted figures for outright purchase of the work; several actions will continue to off-set expenses as the development of the Project continues.
The project-group has found that several costly construction services are thought to be able to be accomplished through the generous work of local contractors and builders offering services. In addition, a small bank account currently exists from early unsolicited donations. Cash donation will increase by active fund-raising events already scheduled. To this end, a financial work-group will be sought to work solely on the funding and fund-raising aspect of financing the project. General grant applications, as well as specific Veterans-focused grants will be sought by personal experienced in that work. General business solicitation has also begun. We believe area/regional support is strong.

Phase One


"A Beautiful Setting to Respect and Reflect"

What Will Happen in Phase I?

  • Park construction on 10 acres of land overlooking the water of the Iron River Flowage
  • Clearing land of debris, shrubs & trees to burn brush piles & remove the last of the tree roots
  • IR Fire Department to conduct burn of downed trees & debris
  • Electricity and water brought to the site
  • Set grade for walking paths, parking lot, driveway & Memorial site
  • Surface these areas for use; handicapped accessible
  • Designate picnic area and eventually a full playground
  • Construct Memorial & site area (this is a special project within Phase I; details will be highlighted as it develops)
  • Maintenance building erected for utilities, well enclosure & small equipment storage.

What Phase I Projects Have been Completed?

  • Secured property from Bayfield County & completed soil testing as well as various re-zoning requirements
  • Official Groundbreaking Celebration was 5-18-18
  • Completed land surveying & design plan
  • Majority of timber cleared & some root removal
  • Erected timber poles for oversized Park sign (visible from Hwy #2)
  • Worked (and continue to work) with various possibilities for volunteers and in-kind or cash donations

Phase Two


Even More Good Stuff; as $$$ becomes available

  • Acquisition of additional land for Park usage
  • Zoning, permitting, clearing of new land to accommodate usage
  • Seasonal camping for RVs, campers & tents
  • Facility building for recreational use, special programing, gathering shelter, event center and more (this is another
  • Special project within the development of the Park)
  • Bathroom/showers & dump station for mobile waste determined by septic completion
  • Establishing handicapped access to the water allowing for fishing and other water activities